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Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken

Does this man look like a Ronald to you? Because that's his real name: Ronald Walken. He adopted the stage name Christopher in his early twenties on the advice of nightclub performer Monique Van Vooren.

Christopher Walken is a man of contradictions. He is known for playing psychotics, in unsettling movies such as The Deer Hunter (his Oscar-winning role), True Romance, Pulp Fiction, The Prophecy, Sleepy Hollow... and more recently as Hans the gangster in Seven Psychopaths. The way he wears his hair, that pallor, which he maintains by staying in. Those eyes. People with eyes like that shouldn't play psychotics - they should be psychotic.

Yet the real Christopher Walken is a genial man with a healthy sense of humor, who enjoys cooking - his 'TNT Shrimp Appetizer' is a speciality - is fastidiously tidy ('I can't stand mess'), hates being a passenger in cars traveling at speed, who enjoys watching his cats, likes to paint abstracts, and can't drink soda because it makes him too wired. And something very unusal for the industry, he has had a happy marriage to casting director Georgianne Thon for more than 40 years.

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Find out about Christopher Walken's current Theater Projects right here. A complete Filmography with details about Walken's films can be found on this website, along with an amusing Movie Goofs page, and an Awards page which provides a listing of all the awards Christopher Walken has won over the years for his work in theater, films and television.

This site provides just about everything else you would want to know about Christopher Walken, including:

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"Look at the stars" -- Chris Walken, Brainstorm.